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CPA Tutor Boost Guarantees

Refunds, Disputes & Arbitration Oh My!

What Is The CPA Tutor Boost Guarantee?

Our CPA Tutor Boost guarantee is that every tutoring job purchased on our site will be completed as advertised or your money back.

This protection extends for 14 days AFTER your tutor job is completed.

As a tutor, this means that you must complete the work within a timely manner and as described.

We understand mistakes happen when providing your tutoring and expect you to work with any buyer to ensure that any issues/corrections are resolved timely.

As a buyer, if a tutor doesn’t complete your request then please work with the tutor first to resolve any issues first via chat.

If the tutor refuses to do so then you are able to deny their request to marking the job complete which will prevent payment from being released to your tutor.

In order to get a refund you do need to click the Resolution Center link on your job page.

Refer to the video above for how this process works.

From the resolution center you can send the job to Arbitration. This will bring my Trust and Safety team into the job chat.

We will assess the situation and decide who is at fault and what action needs to be taken.

If we review your dispute and find that the tutor did provide the work then we will reverse your refund request.

If the tutor is at fault then we will refund the job to the buyer.

Refund Period

Once a tutor job is marked complete you will have 14 days to request a refund.

Please review your deliverable to ensure it meets your expectations prior to marking the job as complete.

If an issue is found within 14 days of marking the job complete, first reach out to the tutor to resolve.

If the tutor refuses to resolve then please contact us at [email protected] with the reason you are asking for a refund.

Please include all the evidence and the work delivered so that we can assess the situation and work with the tutor to determine what action to take.

If we find that the tutor did provide the advertised work your refund will not be honored.

What Happens After A Refund

When a buyer refund is processed, your funds will automatically be returned to your digital wallet within your account.

Login to your account and head to the earnings tab and you will see a balance there.

You are able to use these funds for additional tutoring or if your balance exceeds $50 then you are able to withdraw the funds to your PayPal account.

If your balance is below $50 and you wish to withdraw everything then you are able to top-off your e-wallet and then withdraw everything.