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Using Canva (Free!) To Create Tutor Job Images That Sell

How To Attract Buyers

The first impression is always the most important, right!

This is why creating eye-popping and professional artwork for your tutor jobs is crucial to your success.

Thankfully there is a dummy proof way that even the most right brained accountants can follow to create artwork that sells.

This magical software is called Canva and it is 100% free and I’ve even pre-made some templates for you to use 😉

Let’s hop to it!

Step #1: The Cover Photo

This is going to be the photo that appears at the very top of your job.

It’s a great way to introduce people to your brand with a splash of logo + testimonials + services you provide.

You can click this link to open up my template in Canva and follow along with this tutorial.

Open Cover Photo Template >>

Once you have created a Canva account or logged back in then please continue to watch the video below as I walk you thru the anatomy of creating a cover photo that sells.

Step #2: Your Job Photo

The next type of image that you need for each of your unique jobs is going to be your “Job Image.”

This is going to be a unique image for each job that you create.

Unlike your cover photo which is more universal and can be created once and used on all your jobs, your Job Image is going to be unique to the job.

Thankfully it’s not hard to create a unique job image thanks to my Canva Template!

Open Job Image Canva Template >>

Once you have the template open, then follow the step-by-step Canva tutorial below to learn how to customize the template to the specifics of your job!