CPA Tutor Boost Knowledge Base

Tutoring Requests [Buyers & Tutors]

What Is A Tutor Request?

A tutor request is when a buyer doesn’t see a job that fits his/hers needs and wants to have tutors bid on their project.

This is a great way to find work when no one is buying your jobs and a great way to earn ratings when you are brand new to CPA Tutor Boost.

How To Bid On A Tutor Request?

Head to this link to see a list of all the available requests that have not been filled.

Click the “View More” button for any job that you want to bid on.

Look at the budget for the tutor request and then make your best offering.

This will trigger an offer received notification for the buyer.

He/she will review all offers received and go with the offer that fits best for him/her.

Your best bet of being picked is based on 3 things:

1) Your Tutor rating

2) The budget you proposed

3) The delivery time you proposed

Provide the best possible bid that you can and use delivery time as your bargaining chip to justify a higher price if necessary.