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CPA Tutor Boost Community Standards & Honor Code


We’re cultivating a space for accountants who want to play a part in changing the accounting industry by passing on our collective knowledge and understanding of accounting topics and concepts to the next generation of accountants at a price that is affordable to all.

We’re working to build an international community of tutors who use CPA Tutor Boost everyday to help accountants around the world become better accountants.

We’re inspired by each and every one of our tutors and the positive change they are helping to make in the world.

In order to maintain this vision, we do have an honor code that we want all users of CPA Tutor Boost to follow, including our tutors and CPA Candidates/accountants/buyers.

Community Standards

We have very straightforward community standards at CPA Tutor Boost.

Treat everyone as you would like them to treat you.

This includes:

1) Not misrepresenting yourself in any way.

2) Do not mislead anyone in anyway.

3) Do not provide any unethical services.

4) Do not spam users via our chat messaging.

5) Refrain from sending ANY hate speech via our platform.

6) Do not discriminate.

7) Do not use our messaging platform to send any Explicit Content

8) Our content is all User Generated Content (UGC) but this does not allow you to send or submit any copyrighted material via our platform. Do not violate any intellectual property laws when interacting with any user on our platform.

Honor Code

As part of the CPA Tutor Boost community we expect that everyone use our platform for tutoring, learning or any other proper purpose.

CPA Tutor Boost is NOT to be used in anyway for academic dishonesty by buyers or tutors on our platform.

The AICPA, NASBA and/or your school or university will hold you to a high academic code and a high ethical standard.

This should be followed at all times and be shared with your tutor if necessary.

Regardless, buyers on this site should not be using this platform to copy answers or to get final answers to questions or problems without knowing how to determine the correct answer.

CPA Tutor Boost is designed to assist you in your learning process, but not in lieu of the learning process.

Tutors also need to understand this and respect academic integrity.

Tutoring and instruction should be a complement to the learning process and not replace it entirely.

Tutors should not complete assignments, take tests, allow or assist in plagarism, or engage in any other form of dishonesty that may violate the academic code of the school the student attends or otherwise misrepresent the buyer’s work or academic ability.

The bottom line:

Do not use CPA Tutor Boost as a way to cheat because you will only be cheating yourself.

While CPA Tutor Boost is not in a position to enforce or monitor compliance with it’s Honor Code, it is incumbent on all of the users of the platform to do so themselves and to prevent others from violating the honor code.

Please report any violations that you observe to us at [email protected].

CPA Tutor Boost has the right to remove access to any individual found to be violating our terms of service, honor code or community standards.