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How To Leave Feedback After A Tutoring Job Is Complete

I get it. I’m skeptical too.

Anytime I’m on Amazon, I immediately question any glowing 5-star review I read because (and this is crazy) anyone can leave a review on a product… even if they didn’t purchase it ON Amazon.


Here at CPA Tutor Boost… we are different.

The ONLY way that you can leave a review on a tutor job is if you truly paid for it and had the work delivered to you.

No fake reviews here.

We have a team who monitors all sales and chats to check for any shenanigans or review manipulation and boots anyone who attempts any funny business!

We understand that honest feedback is the life blood of our marketplace.

It’s how you can trust the tutors you work with AND how tutors can improve their services based on real feedback that occurs in real-time!

How To Leave Feedback

At CPA Tutor Boost, the ratings that our tutors receive are the lifeblood of our service.

We want good service to be rewarded and bad service to be rated properly.

After you mark a tutor job as delivered you will be redirected to a “leave a rating” page.

It’s a 5 star scale rating.

You will also be able to leave a note on the performance of the tutor for your job.

We highly recommend that you address the following three items in your review:

1) Communication with Tutor

2) Service as Described

3) Buy Again or Recommend the Tutor

This will give the feedback that other CPA candidates need to know in order to make an informed decision on hiring the tutor.

How To Earn 5 Star Ratings

As a tutor, the following should be focused on as you create your tutor jobs:

Thoroughly describing your service on your Tutor Job page.

Make sure your title is clear, and your description explains the service you provide in detail.

Make use of the frequently asked questions section to provide answers to the most common issues and concerns.

Communicate with your Buyer clearly and concisely from the start of the order until the end.

If you make any mistakes in your tutor deliverables, take responsibility and fix the issues for the buyer.

Watch the video below to watch how the purchase lifecycle, delivery and feedback process works.