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Buyer Fees

What Are CPA Tutor Boost Buyer Fees?

CPA Tutor Boost’s mission is to provide the most affordable tutoring possible.

We do this by providing you with the ability to buy tutoring at the micro-transaction level instead of spending hundreds of dollars upfront on tutoring you may or may not need.

In order to stay in business we do have fees that we charge on each transaction.

First you need to understand our expenses.

In order to be able to guarantee each order you make, we escrow every payment that is made on CPA Tutor Boost.

This means that you pay us and then we release the funds to your tutor once YOU confirm that the tutoring services were provided.

The downside to this protection we give you is that PayPal and our credit card processor Stripe charge us $0.30 per transaction + a 2.9% credit card processing fee.

Since the majority of our transactions are around $15-25 per transaction, these credit card fees add up very quickly.

To afford all of our fees + day to day activities we charge the following fees:

$1 Processing Fee for each transaction + a 5% Administrative Fee of your total purchase

This means that if you purchase a job that is listed at $15 that your total expense will be $16.75 after fees.

This allows us to essentially break even on each transaction, PROTECT your order and pay our awesome staff that keep this amazing community running!

We know that you hate hidden fees (so do we!) but just remember that before CPA Tutor Boost existed… accountants were forced to buy a minimum of 4 hours of tutoring at $75-125/hour for quality tutoring!

We leveled the playing ground and our goal is to offer significantly more affordable tutoring as a fraction of the cost of what the old way of tutoring cost!