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Chargebacks & Tutor Protections

What Is A Chargeback?

A chargeback is a form of buyer protection provided by the issuing banks, which allows cardholders to file a complaint regarding the service they received or any fraudulent transactions made without their knowledge.

The buyer’s credit card company informs CPA Tutor Boost of the chargeback and may also request more information, such as transaction information, proof of delivery, and proof of refund.

CPA Tutor Boost has a specific timeframe in which it is obligated to respond to the credit card company with the requested information. 

Main Chargeback Reasons

Fraud – This is when the cardholder reports that they did not make or authorize a transaction. This may happen when a credit card number is used without permission.

Service – The cardholder did not receive the service, or the service they received was not as described.

Am I responsible for the chargebacks filed against me (tutor)?

You are responsible for any service-related chargebacks.

In this case, the funds will be deducted from your account. In cases where the service was provided in full to the buyer’s satisfaction, our Trust & Safety team will review and help resolve the issue in your favor.

Please keep in mind we can’t guarantee a resolution in your favor.

If the chargeback were resolved in your favor, the funds would be returned to your account, and it will not affect your cancellation rate.

Tutor Protection – Fraud Chargebacks

CPA Tutor Boost Has Your Back!

In cases where the service was provided in full, CPA Tutor Boost will protect you from fraud chargebacks.

The funds will be added back to your account, and after seven days, you will be able to withdraw the funds.

Most importantly, it will not affect your cancellation rate.

Note: The order is subject to a review by our Trust and Safety team