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Finding The Right Tutor

How To Find A Tutor On CPA Tutor Boost

Finding the right tutor at the right price is the ultimate goal of CPA Tutor Boost!

First step is to create a buyer account, click here if you don’t have one.

Next, login to your account

Then click the Search Jobs link in the site menu and then select the topic you need assistance in or select one of the popular tutor areas.

Pick Your Category

There are several different categories you can select to find a tutor for.

You can use this link to find the right category for your needs.

From there you can see a list of all available jobs.

What To Look For

Once you have selected your topic, it might be overwhelming with all the different job choices.

Focus on finding a tutor with good ratings, the skills you need him/her to have, a delivery time that fits your needs and of course a budget that fits your needs.

Tutors can offer a wide array of services as well.

Be sure to reach each offering they provide and any upsells they offer.

Be sure to watch any videos they have posted and read reviews that have been posted.

Only verified CPA Tutor Boost buyers are able to leave reviews.

Anatomy Of A Job

Each job will have a:

1) Photo

2) Tutoring description explaining who would be a good fit for the tutoring and the services provided

3) Tutor Base Price/Packages with varying tutoring fees

4) May include a video you can watch of the tutor in action or introducing him/herself.

Delivery Days

A tutor will include an estimated # of days he/she expects to deliver your tutoring request.

To help you see how busy the tutor is, you can see how many jobs a tutor has in queue.

Be sure to contact the tutor before buying their service if they are available.

Your Budget Considerations

When hiring a tutor remember what you are buying.

You are buying time.

You don’t have time to research what you need them to perform for you.

How much is your time worth?

If a tutor can save you an hour of work then that should be your budgeted hourly rate to look for!