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Adding Videos To Your Tutor Jobs

Why Add Video

Adding videos to your tutor jobs is going to increase your odds of being hired.

First, it’s going to give potential buyers to get to know you.

Second, it’s a great way to showcase your previous work.

What Videos To Add


The first video you want to add is going to be your personal introduction video.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just find a quiet space and shoot a selfie video with your phone.

Introduce yourself, explain why you decided to become a tutor, share a bit about your skills and expertise and why you will make a good fit for them to hire you.


The next video(s) you want to add to your job are some sample videos of your previous work.

If you don’t have any previous videos you can always create your own question and answer explanation video.

This video will prove that you can tutor and give a solid explanation to any question that is thrown your way!

How To Add A Video To Your Job

All you need is a free account and the url from the video that you want to upload.

To get the url, right click on your video and select “Copy Video URL”

Then paste it into your job’s video link section.