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Creating A Tutor Job

How To Create A Tutor Job

CPA Tutor Boost makes creating tutor jobs simple for you.

Login to your account

Then click the Post Tutor Job button in the site menu.

Job Title

The first step is to craft a Job Title.

This needs to be brief, to the point but also catchy so that it catches the attention of potential buyers.

Job Price

The next step is to select the type of job you want this to be.

Fixed: You set a standard price for a single service

Package: You create a 3 tier tutoring offering with different pricing levels for various services you wish to provide.

Booking: You have to create a booking event in order to select this option, but it allows you to set a price to work directly with you whether it’s one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring


There are many ways to price your services on CPA Tutor Boost.


The most basic way is to set a “Fixed Price” for a single service you want to provide.

This is okay if you only want to provide one service but will make it difficult to upsell your customers on other ways you can help them.


What we recommend you do is turn on our Tutor Packages feature.

This will allow you to offer tiered levels of service that you can charge varying rates for.

For example, if you setup a 3 tier service plan.

You could have a Basic, Premium & Professional level of tutoring packages.

Example of a Basic Tutoring Package would be:

1) Providing explanations for a single question via chat for $5 per question.

Example of a Premium Tutoring Package would be:

1) Providing explanations for a single question in written form + include a video explanation for $10 per question.

Example of Pro Tutoring Package would be:

1) Providing explanations for 5 questions in written form + having a 30 minute 1-on-1 video call to walkthrough the explanations for $50 per 30 minute session etc…

IMPORTANT: It’s crucial to price everything by the question so that buyers can purchase exactly what they need. CPA Tutor Boost makes it super simple to purchase multiple packages at the same time.

Job Package Setup

When you turn on tutor packages you can add 3 tiers to your packages offered.

Name Each Package

First name your package tiers. Keep them short and to the point. Basic, Premium, and Professional are great names but be creative!

Package Description

Once you have each tier named, come up with a description for the services you will be providing. Be very clear what service you are providing by tier so there is no confusion.

Delivery Time

Next, add the number of days you anticipate it will take you to deliver on the tutor job. Again, underpromise and overdeliver is key here to keep your ratings high.

Also consider the level of service you are providing. Some will take longer than others.

Package Revisions

You have to anticipate that your tutoring will give rise to additional questions.

It’s a good practice to include at least 1 revision with each job you sell. This will allow for higher odds of receiving a 5 star rating for ensuring all questions are answered.

You can also add the option to purchase additional revisions, if necessary.

Price Each Package Tier

Next, set the price you are willing to offer for each package tier. Start low and work your way up the more services you offer.

IMPORTANT: I highly recommend that you price everything based on 1 question. This way people can purchase multiple packages at the same time and only pay for exactly what they need.


Booking is designed for professional tutors or side hustling tutors who want to host premium 1-on-1 tutoring or group tutoring.

Example: If you want to setup group tutoring, set a time on your booking tool.

Set the price for $x.xx for a single session at a set time.

Then set the buyer instruction to include a unique video chat link with instructions for how to attend.

For more information on booking, click HERE

Your Tutor Skills & Certifications

When creating a job, you need to be able to be clear about your skill level so that buyers can understand your level of support you can provide.

You can select multiple skill levels if they apply to your situation.

Be honest when making your selections.

Job Description

Next add a description of your Tutor Job.

This needs to be around 100-500 words on average.

Here’s a sample outline that we recommend that you follow

I. Ask Viewer if they are looking for the objective of your job

II. List the services you are willing to provide

 a. CPA Tutor Boost Chat Tutoring

 b. Loom Video Tutoring

 c. 1-on-1 Video Chat Tutoring

 d. etc…

III. What you don’t do

IV. Call to action for them to invest in your services

NOTE: Do not include your email address or links to any external websites. Your job will be deleted if we find that you have done this.

Job Tags

It’s important that you include keywords and attach them to your job. This will allow CPA candidates to search for and find your job easier.

Instructions To Buyer

Next, add any notes to the buyer that they need to be aware of.

This won’t be visible on your public Tutor Job page.


Feel free to include a FAQ if you start noticing a trend in questions that people are asking you prior to purchasing your services.

Max Days Deliverable

Next, please select a reasonable Max Days to Deliver.

Don’t oversell yourself here.

If you fail to meet your delivery date you are setting yourself up for a bad review.

It’s always better to underpromise and over-deliver.

We recommend that a busy CPA candidate gives yourself 5 days to deliver.

You can also adjust this date by editing your job if you start to have multiple jobs backing up.

Job Media

Adding Images To Your Job

We highly recommend that you upload an image to your job.

It will help you catch the attention of buyers.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. A picture of yourself always makes things much more personable. is a free photo editing software that you can use to upload images to your job.

Please use .jpeg, .jpg or .png file formats when uploading your images.

Adding Videos To Your Job

We highly recommend that you YouTube video to your job.

This video should be around 30-60 seconds long and introducing yourself to your potential buyers.

If you plan to offer 1-on-1 video tutoring then this is a great way for folks to connect with you and meet you “digitally” first before hiring you.

All you need is a free account and the url from the video that you want to upload.

To get the url, right click on your video and select “Copy Video URL”

Then paste it into your job’s video link section.

Adding Audio To Your Job

If you don’t want to share a video of yourself, then you do have the option to upload a audio file of yourself if you wish to introduce yourself this way.

All you need is an audio recording app on your smartphone and then the ability to email yourself the MP3 from your audio recording app.

Then you can download the file and upload it to CPA Tutor Boost.

Extra Services

To really take your tutor job to the next level in terms of revenue generation, then you really need to add some “Extra Services” to your job.

The sky is the limit in terms of what you want to offer here.

Popular services include:

1) Extra Fast Delivery – Standard Time = 5 Days | Extra Fast = 3 Days

NOTE: You need to actually be able to execute here plus give yourself time for revisions. So be smart when setting your time deadline.

2) Additional Revisions – you promise to answer their questions BUT inevitably your response will open NEW questions. This is a simple way to ensure that your follow up time is covered by allowing folks to purchase additional revisions.

3) ANYTHING YOU WANT! The final option on the job is to create custom extras. I highly recommend adding bundles of additional questions here.

But you can use your own creativity here to add your own custom extra offers here.


That’s it! If you have followed everything in the checklist above then you are ready to publish.

Our system will check your job prior to completing publishing and will give you an error if you missed anything.

Once everything flows thru, you will be open for biz 🙂