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General Account Management

Creating A CPA Tutor Boost Account

Registration is simple. Click THIS LINK, then…

1) Create a unique username (everyone on the site will see this)

2) Add your email so we know where to send account updates

3) Select if you want to be a seller/tutor OR a buyer

4) Create and confirm your unique password.

5) Agree to our terms and privacy policy

6) Complete the reCAPTCHA form

7) Register and you are in!

Updating Your Tutor Boost Profile

Once your account is created then the first thing you want to do is to update your profile.

Click here once logged in to update your profile

Feel free to update your full name.

Select your country

Update your password

Add your PayPal Email so we can send you tutoring commissions

Add a brief tagline about yourself – Examples:

Buyer: I’m freakin ready to pass the CPA exam and eager to learn with your help!

Tutor: I’m a huge accounting nerd and can’t wait to teach you the nitty gritty details you need to know to pass!

Profile Description:

Share your background, any interests you have related to accounting and why you joined CPA Tutor Boost

Describe Your Skills:

Especially important for tutors, please update this section with all of your accounting skills.

Examples may include… the sections of the CPA exam you know the best, your work experience and any tutoring jobs you may have held.


Feel free to include your CPA license # here for folks to lookup on

Profile Avatar:Feel free to use a professional photo here. Your LinkedIn Profile photo might be good to use here for folks to verify you are a real person.