3 Counterintuitive Reasons Why CPA Candidates Should Become Tutors

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By Bryan Kesler, CPA

Why Tutoring?

Without a doubt the easiest way to tell if you truly understand a concept or a topic is to try to explain your understanding of it to someone else.

If you can’t… well you probably don’t understand it well enough.

This is the power of tutoring!

Here are the 3 reasons you should start adding tutoring to your study routine today.

Reason #1: Prove It To Yourself

While studying for the CPA Exam, one of the best ways to get exam day ready is to tutor other CPA candidates who are behind you in the process.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to do any necessary follow up research for the topics you are tutoring others on and prove to yourself that you know the content.

When you try to make the complex simple it will solidify your understanding of the material in ways that testing yourself can’t.

Reason #2: The CPA Exam Is Expensive

If you are studying for the CPA exam you know the expenses and that they add up quickly.

Becoming a Tutor Booster is a great way to get PAID to study and help offset all of your expenses.

You can create Tutor Jobs that are highly targeted towards the section and topics that you need to study yourself.

CPA Tutor Boost also makes managing your jobs as simple as possible so that you don’t have to waste time tracking down people to tutor.

The buyers come to you 😉

Reason #3: Can’t Pass Again

C.P.A. is short for Can’t Pass Again!

If you want to stay at the top of your game you not only need to understand the material long enough to pass the CPA exam…

…but well beyond and into your career.

If you get into a habit of tutoring now (and earning some sweet 5 star ratings) it will be even easier to keep up after you passed the CPA exam.

And who knows!

You may find that being a tutor is enough for you to pay the bills 😉

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January 28, 2021