How To Earn Your First 10 5-Star Tutor Ratings In No Time

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By Bryan Kesler, CPA

Your Tutor Boost Life Blood

When I founded CPA Tutor Boost I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers in the industry.

No one had ever started a CPA Exam Tutoring Marketplace like this before.

I knew that trust in the system was going to be a requirement if this idea was going to work.

This is why feedback ratings are the lifeblood of this community.

The great tutors rise to the top and the poor tutors get rated out.

But here’s the problem.

What do you do when you are BRAND NEW and have zero ratings?

Well good news, you are in the right place to learn how to go from zero to hero in no time at all.

NOTE: This site cannot and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies.

Step #1: Understand The System

CPA candidates are willing to pay a premium for tutoring with someone with a strong track record.

BUT if someone has a strong track record then they are likely going to be charging a premium price.

THIS is your #1 opportunity.

If you can charge a rock bottom price for your services then budget minded candidates will be willing to give you a shot.

You can also offer very small services like answering 1 or 2 questions at a time for $5-10.

This will allow you to get a higher volume of sales compared to offering services for bigger projects.

You can also search all of the outstanding tutor requests and bid on projects that you think you will be a good fit for!

But if you don’t have a feedback rating history then competitive pricing is your number 1 tool.

Ready to get started?

Step #2: Fast Delivery Times

The tutors with higher ratings will be much busier than you.

Use this to your advantage by offering faster delivery times.

If you know you can complete a tutor job within 24-48 hours then advertise it as such and then exceed the buyers expectations by delivering early.

If you follow the advice from step #1 to only offer small tutor jobs then you can get your jobs done even faster.

This high volume fast sales process will help you quickly earn 5 star ratings.

But don’t forget. Speed doesn’t trump accuracy!

To earn that five star rating you do need both.

Next steps?

Sign up to become a CPA Tutor Booster today!

Step #3: Feature Your Jobs

My final recommendation for you to earn 5 star ratings quickly is to advertise your jobs.

CPA Tutor Boost gives you the ablity to feature your jobs on various categories and our homepage for a small fee.

Here’s why this will help.

Even though you don’t have any ratings, candidates will notice that you have paid to show them your job.

This will show them that you have skin in the game.

Then if you follow step #1 and #2 in this process then you will have by far the most affordable pricing AND the fastest delivery currently available.

This makes working with you a no-brainer!

CPA Tutor Boost also guarantees all the work of it’s tutors so the buyers literally have nothing to lose by hiring you 😉

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January 28, 2021